Adult Psychotherapy

We believe that our wounds can be the openings to the best and most beautiful parts of ourselves. From the point of understanding and acceptance we can live more fully, peacefully and with greater levels of contentment. With the provision of a safe and contained therapeutic space, support and guidance from a highly experienced clinical psychologist, an individual can develop the insight and skills to make important internal shifts that accordingly shift unhelpful behaviours and assist with the development of healthy relationships. A variety of models will inform our practice, these include; psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural, schema, narrative and acceptance and commitment therapy. Different modalities including psychodynamic psychotherapy, skills training, exposure therapy mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy may be used.

We have expertise in treating a wide variety of disorders and adjustment issues including:
• Self esteem, low mood and depression;
• Anxiety issues including, panic disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and trauma;
• Relationship and family of origin issues;
• Addictions and other destructive coping mechanisms;
• Grief, loss adjustment and stress related issues;
• Chronic fatigue syndrome.

What to expect in the first session:
The first session will be conducted in a 50-60 minute time period and our aim is to develop a connection with you and get a broad understanding of the issues that brought you to therapy. We will be asking questions about the here and now, your work relationships and family of origin. After this time you will have a sense of how therapy works and have a framework for going forward, we aim to work collaboratively with you in this process.