Family and Couple’s Therapy

We have collective experience in treating couples and families who are experiencing adjustment difficulties, conflict, parenting issues, general communication difficulties and separation. We believe that relationships are the bedrock to our functioning and that when we are thriving with our intimate other and family relationships, we experience higher levels of general health and contentment. Whether you have come specifically for relationship/family therapy or decide (in consultation with your therapist) that relationship or family therapy may be beneficial whilst engaged in individual therapy we are open and flexible to addressing the issues at hand and will develop a plan with you.

Modalities that inform our practice include systemic family therapy, narrative therapy and emotionally focused couple’s therapy. The core concept is to allow a space whereby all members of the couple or family can have an opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a safe and contained environment. The therapist facilitates change by assisting each individual within the system express their thoughts, feelings and desires having their perspective heard, understood and responded to sensitively by other(s) in the system, to promote change and resolution. Developing both the skills and capacity to communicate effectively and mutually agreed expectations is shown to significantly increase the experience of relationship satisfaction in couples and families alike.

What to expect in the first session:
The couple or family attending the first session will be with the therapist for 50-60 minutes, in this initial session the issues that brought you to therapy will be broadly addressed and each person will have an opportunity to discuss their perspective. The therapist may decide to spend some time in future sessions seeing each individual separately and this will be determined in the first or second session depending on the context.